You can now get relaxing films for your cats and dogs


Diwali and Bonfire Night mean that the majority of us city dwellers spend the end of October/beginning of November in a fug of gunpowder.

The normally dull British sky becomes alive with explosions – which can be fun for the most part, but also can be pant-wettingly startling.

New research has found that 82% of Britain’s dogs and cats are distressed by fireworks.

That’s because for the most part, animals have incredible hearing – far more sensitive than our own.

Which is why someone’s come up with films for dogs and cats, with the intention of helping them relax.

And they’re being narrated by David Tennant.

The two films, Woofering Heights and Peer Window, have been developed by MORE TH>N Pet Insurance, who have been working closely with animal behaviourist Karen Wild and vet Robert White-Adams throughout the process.

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