Will future technology allow you to talk to your dog?


Dog lovers over the world would love to be able to better communicate with their furry companions. If nothing else, it could make house training so much easier and less messy. Dogs are capable of understanding some human vocabulary, and can be trained to respond to those commands. “Sit,” “come,” and “stay” are only the tip of the iceberg with dog training, as service and police dogs learn and respond to a much wider range of verbal prompts and commands.

Molecular Biologist and genomics researcher Adriana Heguy explores the concept of dog’s language comprehension and the limits of complexity in human to dog communication, according to Forbes. Heguy said, “Dogs live in a world of smells and scents that we cannot even begin to imagine, because our sense of smell is pitiful compared to that of a dog, about forty times less sensitive. Our dogs must have already figured out that we are pretty clueless when it comes to smell.”

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