Why Did My Dog Eat That?


We’ve all been there. We’ll see our dog eating something strange or even downright disgusting and ask ourselves, “Why is my dog eating that?” From grass to poop to the remote control, what are the reasons why some dogs have pretty strange appetites?

Grass. I refer to this as “having a salad” and it can mean a number of things. He may have an upset stomach and grass is a natural remedy for gassy upset tummies. Try a dog food higher in fiber or add fresh cooked veggies to his kibble. Grass eating can be as simple as liking the way it tastes or feels. It also can be a sign of boredom so keep your dog engaged with walks and outdoor activities. Keep in mind that although grass itself is not bad for dogs, the pesticides they pick up from treated lawns could be harmful.

Feces. The scientific name for eating feces is coprophagia and it’s not an uncommon behavior in dogs. It’s a mother dog’s natural instinct to clean herself and necessary to stimulate urination and defecation in her puppies. What about the dog that does this for apparently no reason? Research shows it could mean a dog is suffering from parasites, diets deficient in nutrients, conditions such as diabetes or as a side effect from drugs, such as steroids. Consult your vet to rule out any of these health issues. It also can be due to anxiety. Try adding a Vitamin B complex supplement to your dog’s diet and monitor his behavior for any further signs of anxiety.

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