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As this is the first post, “Hello World”. Meet Bingo, my golden retriever and our mascot.

SnootBoot is a social place for animals, and people caring about those. Share a few pictures of your pet, or a news story. Or publish a post to raise awareness for your local animal charity. The topic is Animals, so boop the snoot.

Why do I use snoot boop or boop the snoot? Bingo used to let me boop his nose when I got home from work. He walked up like any over excited golden retriever and I would hold my hand in front so he would touch it with his nose, and carrying on being excited. One of the small things that you have with your pet which you don’t think of in the moment.

I am personally attached to this website, currently Bingo is not with as I moved back to Europe. I hope to have him with me in the next 6 months and trying to raise funds which got me to work on this website. As he is about 8000km away, it’s a costly operation but I made the promise to him (as crazy as it may sounds). Things didn’t work out as planned, in general sense, so now I have to take a different approach. Life has its surprises and detours.

I thought this site would be a nice project to see if I can give back in the meantime and create something together with liked minded over the world. You could be just somebody who likes dogs (or cats), or actively involved as a volunteer. If you like animals we welcome you to join us.

This is the initial release of the platform, we will make continues improvements and add features so do let us know if you have any suggestions.


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