Summer Pet Care Advice

dogs on the beach

With the summer around the corner, I’d like to share this article from with some advice on how to take care of your beloved pet in hot weather, which can pose a real threat to pets. I would like to highlight the following:

  • Animals simply CANNOT tolerate extreme temperatures.
  • Never, ever leave your animal in a car. Not even with the windows open. A parked car in hot, sweltering weather is a killer. Research has shown that if it’s a sunny 78°F / 25.5°C, the temperature in a car, with the windows open, rises at least 32°F / 17.5°C in 30 minutes. In short, 78°F / 25.5°C to 110°F / 43°C in half an hour!   Temperatures in air conditioned cars can reach the same temperature as outside within just five minutes of being turned off.
  • If your dog pants quickly, looks very tired or collapses, it could be suffering from heatstroke.
  • Always take along water both for yourself and for your dog,  Never exercise your dog during hot weather.

The full article goes into more details and what to do so have a look. As well it contains information about other animals such as cats, horses, birds, and more.

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