Lazarus, The Dog Who Was Trapped In Barn

There was so much dirt and feces blocking the door to the barn stall where Lazarus had been living, trapped in filth and inside his overgrown coat, it had to be shoveled away.

“From the looks of the dog and the door it looked like it had been a while,” says C., a dog groomer who requested her name be kept private.

C. and another groomer, Jessica Kincheloe, had been asked by a neighbor to help the dog, whose owner is terminally ill.

About a week ago, they went to his house and freed him from the stall, then then freed him from his coat — taking off just over 35 pounds of hair in the process.

During the grooming, Lazarus seemed unsure at first. But once hair was clipped away from his neck, “he calmed down and seemed to realize because it was making him feel better,” says Kincheloe.

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