Jefferson Animal Hospital Encourages Microchipping for Local Pets

golden retriever

In the wake of recent flooding, Jefferson Animal Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is encouraging owners to have their pets microchipped.

For many Louisiana residents, adopting a dog or cat is more than just adding an animal to their household. It is bringing a new family member into the fold. That’s why Jefferson Animal Hospital is encouraging all pet owners to have their furry companions microchipped.

“Microchipping is especially important here in Baton Rouge,” says Dr. Frederick Michaelson, the center’s veterinarian. “With the recent flooding and the current hurricane season, we’ve seen a lot of owners searching for their missing pets. With this technology, the ability to match lost or injured animals with their owners becomes much easier and happens more quickly.”

Although there are several companies that offer microchip products, Jefferson Animal Hospital has chosen to work with one of the larger and well-known companies—HomeAgain. Unlike tags and collars, a microchip stays with the pet permanently. It cannot be lost, stolen or removed.

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