Japan’s pets living longer than ever, study finds

black and white cat

t’s not just people who are living increasingly long lives in Japan: their pets do too, according to a new report.

The longevity of pet cats and dogs in Japan has soared to record heights, with the average cat reportedly living to 11.9 years and dogs 13.2 years.

The latest figures reflect how the longevity of pets have steadily increased in recent years, with the average lifespan growing 2.3 times for cats and 1.5 times for dogs in the past 25 years.

In contrast to the current figures, in 1990, the average lifespan of cats was 5.1 years and for dogs, it was 8.6 years, according to Kyodo News.

The figures came to light in a new study conducted by the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology alongside the Japan Small Animal Veterinary Association.

Researchers calculated the average longevity based on a 2014 survey of 5,977 dogs and 3,288 cats which died in 192 veterinary hospitals across Japan.

A growing number of pets being kept indoors, good quality food and increasingly sophisticated medical treatment were among the key reasons behind why the lives of Japanese cats and dogs were increasingly in length.

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