Holiday Threats to the Health of Pets

Cat Christmas Tree

The holidays may promise great times, but they also promise increased chances for pets to become ill. It is easy to forget just how many dangers are present to pets this time of year, especially as we get caught up in celebrating the season.


Many types of candy can make your dog or cat sick. Chocolate and sugarless chewing gum are the more serious ones. Sugarless gum contains xylitol, which can also be found in some mints, baking mixes and food for diabetics.

Candy wrappers can be irritating to the intestines and cause vomiting or even the potential for an impaction. It’s always recommended to keep your pets, especially cats, indoors, but particularly keep them inside on the night kids trick-or-treat. It’s easy for a pet to slip out the door when it is opened frequently and there is lots of commotion.

Candles in carved pumpkins can burn pets when they explore them. Glow sticks carried by children can be bitten, causing ingestion of chemicals into your pet’s mouth.

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