Felicia the dog


Many have seen service dogs working in and around town, but few know what it takes to get the gig.

Service Dogs of Virginia gives people in need dogs at no charge each year. But, it is not a quick or easy process to get them ready to work.

“My job is to get her used to all the things that she might see in her little life. My job is to make sure she’s never afraid of anything,” raiser Amy Lowell said.

Lowell is Felicia’s puppy raiser. She is taking care of year one, the basics of service dog training through service dogs of Virginia.

“We start working with puppies when they are eight weeks of age and we train until they are two years sometimes two-and-a-half-years-old before we place them. Felicia’s first year will be basic socialization, manners, she’ll come for puppy classes once a week,” Sally Day of Service Dogs of VA said.

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