Do-it-yourself pet beds should be cozy and safe


This DIY pet bed project was created by crafter Kelly Mindell of Mindell transformed a large, plain yellow pillow into the emoji face with the help of iron-on fabric pieces cut into the shapes to makeup the emoji expression. (Photo: Jeff Mindell/ via AP)

Many online tutorials suggest reclaiming a vintage dresser drawer and filling it with a cushion. Woodworker Scott Lavigne came up with a plan to build a custom drawer from scratch for his dog.

“I’m a builder just by nature,” says Lavigne, founder of the blog Creating a sleep space for his Lhasa apso was a labor of love.

“It’s essentially just building a simple box,” he says; even those inexperienced at woodworking could likely accomplish it in a weekend. By changing the size of the pieces of wood used, his drawer project can easily be adapted for large dogs. Detailed instructions are on his blog.

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