Could this be Sydney’s biggest cat?

Sydney’s biggest cat

Karen Milton, from Normanhurst in Sydney’s south, says her maine coon Ollie is definitely a contender.

“He’s still got some growing to go,” Milton says.

“But if his dad is anything to go by, he’ll be a big boy in the next few months.”

Ollie tips the scales at close to 8kg, and is 165cm long, from his nose to the end of his tail, which is on the higher end of the maine coon size chart.

On average maine coons, known as the largest domesticated breed of cat, reach 8kg in full maturity but Ollie is just 18 months old and still growing.

“He doesn’t take any more feeding than a regular cat,” Milton says.

“I wasn’t surprised by the amount he’s grown either, we knew what we were in for when we brought them home,”

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